Projectors and bugs!

Well ... it's been a while since the last post.

We were in mid of testing when we reached the last phase - testing on the final platforms - and we found critical problems.

That is ... in our first implementation of photo projections we are using the URL approach, which means, you need to have the map somewhere on the Net and then copy/paste the url of the image into the APP.

This is because every platform have a different way to handle photos and archives. It's a lot of work to implement them all and we wanted users to be able to play with the projector and give us feedback quickly.

So ... we thought that while we programmed the "local file" method, we would release the URL one first. But ...

First problem: We cannot acces Android Clipboard from within our app. So you needed to write letter by letter the URL of the image. Quite impractical in a tiny screen and no physical keyboard.

Second problem: The Web Player cannot access images from other domains and edit them for internal uses. The images need to be in an accessible "open" domain. But we don't want to host the images on our servers (as it would incur in extra cost for the users).

In the last days we have been working on those problems ... and today we managed to solve them.

So at least we can continue to test the app for the next patch!


New update for SkCombat

Our latest update included the new Nature Tileset which add a big bunch of premium tiles to build, forest, rural and even a little cave for your gaming needs. This tileset joins the Ancient Greece which added more dungeon like tiles to create cool areas to battle with more than 100 tiles, or the FX Effects which added nice environmental effects like fire, rain, fog, smoke, etc.

We also have reached 1500 maps uploaded into the cloud, which quite a lot are simple tests of people playing a bit with the tool, but there are also interesting ones. Try your luck guessing IDs.

If you have a website or place where you share maps with other users, send us a link so we can share it here! The more the merrier! And if you have a suggestion to make or a bug to report, don't hesitate to contact us.


Apple App Store version available

As promised, we released SkCombat in the App Store:

Our next step is to release new tilesets and miniatures, which will happen soon. They look very promising, and we are eager to release them.

Stay tuned!