Google Chrome Problems

Recently Google Chrome has chosen to drop support for a series of platforms. One of these is the Unity plugin for webs we use here.

Which means that until we fix this problem (probably switching to a html5 implementation even if it's slower), you will need to use other browsers.


Hotfix 1.50.01 released!

We released a new hotfix to address some bugs.

Check this link for more info!


Version 1.50 released!

A new version of SkCombat has been released. Android and standalone versions are the first to be updated with iOs versions following short after. Take a look at the new features and fixes.

  • New Token2D, create a token using an external image from web.
  • Tokens now can overlap other tokens.
  • Ability to create complex Area patterns.
  • Swap between Play and Edit modes without losing tokens or areas.
  • Improved sharing, including a screenshot to easily recognize the map.
  • Added graphic settings for a better adjustment to your device.
  • A really huge amount of minor fixes.

Check this link for more info!


Welcome to the new webpage!

We are moving things forward and making a solo webpage for SkCombat. You can expect to see news, featured maps with it's links in the cloud, videos and anything related to SkCombat.

We will also try to interact a little bit with the community, posting their maps, doing some contests and whatever idea we (or you) can come of with.

Please bear with us while we end constructing the site and preparing all the new stuff. With the official release of the web, SkCombat will be updated with the latest features. Stackable tokens, 2D tokens, hot swap between Play and Edit, and more!